Riot needs to do more to stop toxic behavior

Venting a little here but just saying, the game has gotten so toxic that I believe Riot needs to step in and actually create systems beyond the banning system to address this. Recently, I've liked to play Lux support. It works and is fun for me no matter what your opinion is on her being a support. See the main goal of me wanting to have fun as it is a game. When I hover in champ select I have had several people already ban her and there's nothing I can do about it. No reporting works, I'm instantly annoyed after a long day just wanting to play a champ because I find her fun, and the whole team get affected by my slight tiltedness. Could Riot make it so that if you are hovering a champ that it cannot be banned or something? I've been playing this game since basically the beginning of it. I'm about to stop due to not being able to enjoy it anymore due to the community being so toxic and being giving banning power over a champ I want to play that allows my fellow teammates to screw me over. It's not like I am playing a ridiculously off meta support or anything either. Just an opinion and feel free to disagree but I feel as if it would help.
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