I feel like the punishment for "being reported" has turned into a little bit of a biased system at this point in favor of whoever reports. I have not been paying attention to the changes to the system as I hardly ever report or get reported. I recently got reported for certain things that were said. Although I know that my behavior in the chat was not all that sportsman like, the people I was talking to were much more aggressive, racist and rude. I also feel as though my behavior in chat was pretty mild compared to what was being said to me in that game. Being that I was responding to what was being said to me, I think being removed from chat for 10 games (including my ranked games), losing free rewards, and losing honor points due to being reported by a level 11 person in a normal game who was being toxic towards me is a little overboard. Especially considering I can't remember the last time I would have been reported for anything anyways. Though I appreciate the move to knock down toxic behavior in the game (huge step and I applaud you Riot) I think the report system needs to take other people's chats into consideration when a report is being filed as well. I, myself, didn't get to report the people who were being rude towards me because my after game screen wouldn't load. I understand the punishment. I will take it and play normal games until I can chat freely in my ranked games to help coordinate better with my team. But, like I said, I also think that's a steep punishment for a retaliation and think it's a little unjust considering the people who reported me were the instigators.
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