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I was perma banned today. I understand they go by your past and it is never 1 game that decides unless the deed is just for an instant punishment. The game was trolled from the start. From lobby. I kept my mouth shut didn't type a single word. The toxic trolling continued into the game because some one banned a champ and blah blah. I typed, "I wish riot would fucXXXg ban toxic trolls perma" I typed to my buddy my duo, "%%%%%hs would be plat by now if they didn't troll" The choice of words are frowned upon by some people. I'm not here to debate the word %%%%%h. It is just what my friends and I call each other occasionally. I got first blood in a troll game and typed in all chat(its not the motion of the ocean but the size of the ship in the sea) Just a smart ass way of saying. Hey I got first blood in a troll game. In a 4v5 game I was tower dove by 5 players lol, and typed to thresh noob, which he returned the favor. This went on a few times. I even thought to myself watch what you say because you will be hit. I told thresh "Hey it would be funny if we reported each other to see who got banned.(I was super bored waiting to get out of the game I was stuck in) He replied to me that no we wouldn't because it was friendly banter. I told him that the algorithm that monitors chat does not know the difference between "noob". It just sees players typing "fuckxxing noob" This is all in the chat logs. Through all the trolling and arguing on my team. I said nothing in lobby or after lobby. I was playing to win. Not a second idle. I wasn't there to troll or ruin other players experience. The fact of the matter was that my experience was being ruined, and I was trying to find what fun I could. You can clearly see by the logs there was no hate, bullying, sexual, or racism. I have been warned before for typing. My past is biting me in the butt right now, because any person of good standing could type noob to a player typing noob back, and not even receive a warning or anything, but because I typed in all lets report each other for the LuLs, and I most likely got reported by them all lol... This is the game I am being judged on. There are no other games on my reform card. Like I said I have received punishment in the past. I am not claiming to be a pillar of the community, but to lose my hobby and my dedication over sportsmanlike banter is really absurd. ***the thresh's name was "shaved nipples" or something to that effect. I didn't just say I shave my nipples. That was his name**** When I typed "fucking noob" he had just killed me and told me "fucking noob" I meant "fucking noob? its 1v5" I just didn't use punctuation. These chat logs look so damning Game 1 In-Game Bane of Nerds: hehe Bane of Nerds: just trying to giuve u a chance Bane of Nerds: let fate decide Bane of Nerds: a great man once told me. its about the motion in the ocean not the size of the ship Bane of Nerds: loll trolls Bane of Nerds: what the fuck is up with league latey Bane of Nerds: riot need sot start fuycking banned trolls perma Bane of Nerds: lol Bane of Nerds: noob shitt Bane of Nerds: these thresh walk throughs are op as hell lol Bane of Nerds: trolls r us Bane of Nerds: noob Bane of Nerds: shid Bane of Nerds: silver aint shit been gold more than king tut bitchh asss Bane of Nerds: i shave my nipples Bane of Nerds: op as fuck Bane of Nerds: lol fucking noob 5v1 Bane of Nerds: in a troll game Bane of Nerds: bolster ur ego nerds Bane of Nerds: yall %%%%%ss prolly b plat if u just played and stopped trolling Bane of Nerds: op Bane of Nerds: op Bane of Nerds: i hope your account has previous reports for toxicity. mine doesnt. lets report each other and see who gets banned for verbal Bane of Nerds: the algorrythm that monitors reports dont know that Bane of Nerds: fucking noob is def red flagged Bane of Nerds: but if u were never toxic it dont matter Bane of Nerds: he is a grown ass man and i respect his decisions Bane of Nerds: ouch Bane of Nerds: im assuming thresh is a toxic player bc he shut the fuck up Bane of Nerds: all they do is run then catch us lol Bane of Nerds: we could win though tbh Bane of Nerds: ahri charm Bane of Nerds: i cant ult Bane of Nerds: lol Bane of Nerds: and she do so much front loaded dmg Bane of Nerds: this guy die 20 times Bane of Nerds: how
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