Massive number of boosters in P1/D4

I am well aware that the end of the season is usually a clown fiesta. But I didn't anticipate to see a booster in almost every single game. Last game, it was a yi taric duo on extremely suspicious accounts. I can't name them due to boards rules, but I did send in a support ticket about it. The Taric player in that game normally is a ~50% winrate ADC main, but as of a little bit ago, suddenly switched to playing pantheon top lane, switched his flash key, and went on a massive winstreak through platinum. Recently, he's been yi-taric boosting with another suspicious account, and they're doing it again as I type this. I just want to play the game to practice and improve. I don't care about yi-taric funneling being a strategy that exists. While it's annoying, you can play around it. What I don't like is when there is outright account share boosters duo queuing and ruining games and making it really difficult to learn anything or to enjoy playing. If you don't believe me, go look at my match history, and see my last loss. I don't know whether there was any exchange of money, but what I do know is that this sort of nonsense is surprisingly common and needs to stop. Clearly the risk of a ban to their main account and the boosted account isn't enough to deter these players. I hate to sound so defeatist, but just like the last dozen times I saw something like this happening in one of my games, I strongly doubt that they'll get punished for it at all. I know the typical arguments of "but you won't see smurfs enough for them to stop you from climbing." While this is true in most of the ladder, at the end of the season in the general p1-d4 region, there are many smurfs concentrated here boosting accounts for end of season rewards to make money. I just wish the rules would be enforced for once. But player behavior is rarely actually investigated unless they type something toxic in chat.

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