Is it just me ...

Or does there seem to be way less full ragers this season but a LOT more inters and people who just afk farm and run it down without saying anything because they know they are unlikely to be punished? Inting is really rampant this season and it's kind of blowing my mind. And i don't mean the overused "Wow this person is not doing great, INTER!" im talking about ppl who just smily face, say "WOOPS!" and keep throwing themselves to death because it's hard to prove. Idk, I think this tyype of behavior is what should really be rooted out by Riot, because it's a big part of what perpetuates overall toxicity. This whole "open mid" culture is really aggrevating. The game isn't all about you. You have 4 teammates, or 3 if even 2 of you want to throw it down. Why should you get to make the decision for everyone to give up?
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