Death Threats holding substance

So I encountered a player yesterday that got mad at my teams singed and started going off on him but I defended the singed because honestly we were all just trying to have fun and I hadnt seen an issue with anything that was done, however, thats when said player began to make threats to dox and share all of my private info on the "deep web" and made statements such as "I am going to watch you and your family get ****ing killed and Ill love every minute of it" now normally, I would just pass this off as a tilted player barking to vent, but things got serious when they actually posted a link that can only be accessed using a deep web compatible browser such as Tor, I didn't manage to memorize or screencap the link but I would like to know if it would at all be possible for the chat transcript or more specifically the link that was posted in it, could be shared back to me so I may check to see if my life really has been put in real danger. I submitted a ticket already but something like this isn't really a matter that I can wait around for more than a day for answers.

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