How to go G3 to S3 in one week!

- Don't flame in chat - Play your best - Mute the toxic teammates (even though they'll keep typing, and it'll still keep hindering the team) - No matter how many times you lose, don't feed! Wait, I thought that's how you climb? Why am I consistently getting at least ONE troll per team. For the past few days, and I'm not lying or exaggerating about this. A buddy on my list, in high diamond, gave me some tips... "/mute all is a blessing", "don't respond to people while playing, it's a distraction", "don't ever freak out on your teammates", etc... I've been following his advice. Very closely. Someone from Riot come in here, please, and tell me why I'm falling so hard when I'm keeping my cool in-game, and playing my best (under each individual circumstance). In short, **_why_** am I only getting toxic teammates???
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