Can we do something about bullying duo, trio, and quad queues

I am sick of being stuck in a game where I am getting flamed even though there wasn't much I could do. I just had a game earlier today where a mid gets fed then proceeded to throw his lead and say he lost because the other champ is stronger. Granted this was a 5 kill yas to a 1 kill akali who were even on CS and his wind wall stops her q and e. He blamed me for him losing that lead, and he later got dove when 3 of them grouped mid and we saw Lee on vision head for the dive. Once I said I couldn't do anything there he got angrier flamed me more and got one of his 2 other friend to flame me aka the support. Both of them saying I did nothing all game. Which other than a bot play that turned into drag I couldn't do anything gank wise. Due to top being in a bad matchup losing early top constantly fighting and shoving in then bot just getting either poked out and losing to ganks or they would occasionally turn it. With lanes being far behind and being first time ekko jungle there wasn't much I could do. Just feel like riot needs to work on the punishment system since griefers can get away with what they do, and since people who group up can bully you the whole game. Thoughts anyone, or shall I say does anyone find this as annoying as I do.
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