Can you guys help me understand my suspension

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I was just suspended for 14 days this is to my knowledge my first punishment on my account ever the link is to my match history. I submitted a ticket asking why I was suspended and why it wasn't a chat ban ( first offense?) " Greetings, human! I am Blitzcrank Bot. My purpose is to provide a fast and thorough explanation of your recent ban. Players have reported you 7 times in the past 20 games for intentional feeding. It is, to borrow a human phrase, a “not cool,” and may result in a permaban the next time it occurs. " so 7 times in the last 20 games assume it doesn't count bot games and only the draft that would mean my most recent game (garen vs vayne) I knew i couldn't win that but thought I was vs the kayle giving me a chance turns out it was vayne about 6 deaths in I mostly gave up just trying to cs when i could and desperately go for a kill, next I would guess my first shaco game ever 1/4/3 and my first nidalee game of those I can see enough ppl reporting me for feeding but this most recent one would be the only one I consider feeding. I would like to know why I didn't get the chat ban and was just escalated to 14-day ban and why a person who is toxic in chat can report someone for feeding and the person they report is the one that gets punished?
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