The automated ban system

Hello, I just wanted to encourage anyone who receives a suspension or ban to request HIGHLIGHTED chat logs in a ticket. The results are honestly surprising as the auto-detection system clearly doesn't work, it simply takes into account that you were reported. (The more reports that are made, the more likely you are to be punished) The chat log depicts me (ironically) crying about a player who was crying about a character. Looking back on it, I probably should have just muted her and moved on with my life, but we still would have lost the game and attempting to show her her flawed logic seemed like the most beneficial use of my time at that point. (I was seriously mistaken as i have been perma-banned as a result of this game). Here are all of the messages the system detected as toxic in nature. [All]Haunce: my dad's a lawyer [All]Haunce: TRUCE [All]Haunce: the whole world will know of my power Haunce: tbh sivir you're really annoying and getting reported Haunce: she's one of the strongest enhance supports in the game Haunce: this sivir is trolling [All]Haunce: pls report sivir trolling [All]Haunce: she's sitting out this game bc someone picked a character she doesn't like [All]Haunce: yuumi is bronze 1 [All]Haunce: she's a trash player not a garbage character @@@@@@@@@@@ Haunce: you're trolling fam you just say bot Haunce: because you're tilted off someone PICKING A CHAMPION Haunce: you're crying over a character in a video game being chosen @ Haunce: like a 6 year old @ Haunce: You literally cried for 10 minutes over a character in a video game @ Haunce: and now you're acting like I'm the issue [All]Haunce: this guys is the definition of toxic [All]Haunce: He literally cries like a child and then acts like everyone else is the issue @@@@ [All]Haunce: w/e sorry for bitching in chat about it @ [All]Haunce: forgot it's part of the game :p Haunce: and that's okay Haunce: You really don't realize how toxic you are @@ [All]Haunce: It's weird how the more obviously we lost this game is the less people wanting to /ff are [All]Haunce: Imagine crying over a video game character being chosen @@@ I placed "@" symbols next to the messages that I agreed could be potentially toxic and the number of asteriks represent the severity of the message. The message I regret sending most was that "She's a trash player not a garbage character" because my intent was not to join in on flaming the yuumi player, but to point out the flawed logic of the sivir player. Understand that because of how the system currently works (similar to that of the "dont take a stand against bullies" culture functions) you can only see the way that I spoke in the game, and you don't get a glimpse into the sivir player or the enemy team. Removing all context from a situation is a terrible way to judge somebody's actions. Interestingly enough, the one truly most toxic thing I said in that game was not flagged as being toxic. "obviously will have no substantial relationships in life" was something I said which was NOT deemed inappropriate or toxic in nature. This is why I am proposing that a feature (like that used in children's games) be implemented into the league of legends chat system. Why punish players for speaking, when you could easily use your flawed auto-detection system to remove all context from any one message and determine if it is toxic prior to it being sent? The environment fostered by preventing toxic messages such as "my dad's a lawyer" and "she's one of the strongest enhance supports in the game" would result in no hurt feelings, and no pain for the players who have to see such abusive language with their own 2 eyes. This could not only save the league environment, but save lives.
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