Riot lost a long time player today

Riot, you've lost a long time player today because your lack of repercussions over player behaviors. We know the system is hardly operational and when you decide to impose penalties we see how they are handled through the TFblade situation and nunu/teemo support situations. Four games played this morning and each game had an afk/int on my team. - One player left because he realized he had irl things to do after 7minutes. - The next player had 500ms ping the entire game. - The next player suffered a client issue and couldn't restart his client but could walk around the map and type in chat to us. - FInally I decided to queue up for a ranked and avoid the normal cesspool and I was greeted with a swift remake. It's very likely even though these players should have been automatically detected and were reported....None will face any consequences. At the moment - normals are not enjoyable to me. Almost every game is a quick defeat for either team and I don't get to enjoy my champions team playstyle or powerspikes because of afks/leavers on either team. It's not fun playing an adc into a 1v2 lane or playing top lane knowing your mid lane is afk. I can avoid these issues in ranked but I might be in the mood for a more relaxed playstyle and learning a new champ into a OTP darius doesn't sound relaxing to me.
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