Goodbye League

Dear, Riot Games I wanna thank the bots at riot for banning me this game is like a bad lottery game and I'm addicted to it. All these years of frustration of playing this garbage game while being abused by riot themselves with stupid changes with the Blue Essence which I only managed to gain 1000 be in a month rather than a week when IP was still around Oh and to show how much of a scumbag company riot after they implemented the BE system they were like we're not going to do rerolls anymore. So if you're stuck with some sh*tty ass 450 champions welp that's all you'll be able to afford anymore. Also, I know the player response system just consists of bots because I've baited some people to say accidental racist sh*t and ill share my power with you "hey who is eric cartman's superhero name" Response " the c*koon" click report and click racism and Boom instant ban to an innocent player! I finally am free from this sh*tshow game. Idk wtf I was thinking of continuing with this sh*tty development team who's only job is just to balance champions. I Just want to throw out some few mentions. F*ck Akali stupid shroud whoever designed her is an idiot, F*ck Riven stupid no skill champion who everyone says is "very hard to play". F*ck garen being able to carry a game without any CS, and F*ck mobility champs. And also F*ck the scumbag who decided to lock udyr rework with the Updated skin. And idgaf i know im right yall toe suckers can keep sucking ritos toes.
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