Enemy honor

I just finished a game as a darius laning against an irelia in norms. I am currently g4 and my opponent mentioned they were s4 before the match ended. I gave the irelia pointers and even the enemy jg had stated that i was "awesome" and wished he could still honor opponents. And as selfish as it is to only post this now, I have wished that i could still honor opponents ever since the new system was implemented. There are countless times that the enemy I have faced has shown more honor than the teammates I fight alongside.I understand Riot didn't want to implement ten different honor options due to lack of screen space, but adding a fifth space labled "honor opponent" that takes you to a second honor screen along with an additional 5 seconds to place your honors would most definitely allow for the "honorable opponent" to come back. This may require more manpower than I am aware of, but its not like they can't afford such a "simple" (i assume) fix to such a simple problem.
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