I just got my account chat restricted for no particular reason!

I played ranked on my honor level 5 account and i played cool but then my ally mid started to flame me for no reason, i muted him. later i the late game i unmuted and he kept on flaming, so i said "dude whats your problem what do you want from me?", later i also said that he needs to control his mental behaviours. At the end, we lost because he tilted everyone so i said "enjoy your ban man". Later on i got banned on that single bloody game and now im honor level 1 chat restricted. Riot what is going on i don't understand that justice. (in the chat i wrote ez suicide not by meaning of toxicness, he just jumped into 5 people without his team) Game 1 Pre-Game CHUKUMUCU: first pick CHUKUMUCU: olaf or kled CHUKUMUCU: enemy team so strong In-Game CHUKUMUCU: gosh i took mr runes CHUKUMUCU: nc blitz came CHUKUMUCU: right CHUKUMUCU: FFS CHUKUMUCU: gj CHUKUMUCU: NICE CHUKUMUCU: jsut def CHUKUMUCU: hmm CHUKUMUCU: instructions unclear xd CHUKUMUCU: bro what CHUKUMUCU: it was obv CHUKUMUCU: man stfu CHUKUMUCU: mute CHUKUMUCU: man i just unmuted u CHUKUMUCU: wtf do u want from me CHUKUMUCU: this jax is bad CHUKUMUCU: i rekt him on top CHUKUMUCU: me and zac 2v3 top and won CHUKUMUCU: u still flaming me? CHUKUMUCU: what CHUKUMUCU: xd dude jax is much stronger mid game CHUKUMUCU: dont act dumb CHUKUMUCU: dude shut ur asss up CHUKUMUCU: what are u bitching CHUKUMUCU: xd CHUKUMUCU: ur the one who makes it unlucky CHUKUMUCU: this isnt free lp CHUKUMUCU: its my p2 promos CHUKUMUCU: dude ur so toxic wtf CHUKUMUCU: are u mental? CHUKUMUCU: well i fked up CHUKUMUCU: man u see how bad jax is CHUKUMUCU: mb CHUKUMUCU: ur reported CHUKUMUCU: ur a fkin tilter CHUKUMUCU: no need CHUKUMUCU: ez suicide CHUKUMUCU: man jsut leave him whats ur problem CHUKUMUCU: Fizz bullying me CHUKUMUCU: report him hes a tilter and toxic CHUKUMUCU: keep chearing the enemy team to win CHUKUMUCU: i def CHUKUMUCU: enjoy ur ban man CHUKUMUCU: we gotta def CHUKUMUCU: Reporty fizz CHUKUMUCU: lost me the game CHUKUMUCU: And mind Post-Game CHUKUMUCU: report this shity player CHUKUMUCU: aonly flame CHUKUMUCU: and griefing CHUKUMUCU: he gave up CHUKUMUCU: hope u get ur perma ban CHUKUMUCU: i wont get banned
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