anyone mind explaining what i did or said wrong here other than type too much?

Game 1 In-Game ChristmasEvelynn: this fucking lag wow ChristmasEvelynn: cant even fuk cs ChristmasEvelynn: riot! ChristmasEvelynn: listen to pings talon roam ChristmasEvelynn: or dont ChristmasEvelynn: he hasnt ganked once either ChristmasEvelynn: jg needs to do something ChristmasEvelynn: why did u play jg then ChristmasEvelynn: play supp next time ChristmasEvelynn: just ff kha doesnt want to win ChristmasEvelynn: gg ChristmasEvelynn: who said no lol ChristmasEvelynn: prob this kha tbh ChristmasEvelynn: either was twitch or kha ChristmasEvelynn: sad part is we could win ChristmasEvelynn: but kha refuse to help ChristmasEvelynn: prob cuz im getting camped ChristmasEvelynn: w/e just go next ChristmasEvelynn: u guys dont want to win ChristmasEvelynn: rep kha toxic ChristmasEvelynn: said he gonna afk ChristmasEvelynn: and called us all names ChristmasEvelynn: we scale ChristmasEvelynn: he been crying ever since enemy team banned his champ ChristmasEvelynn: lol ChristmasEvelynn: who knows ChristmasEvelynn: he wont even say ChristmasEvelynn: this is why i need to perma jg, happens every time ChristmasEvelynn: talon not smurf, its like calling fizz a smurf ChristmasEvelynn: or yi ChristmasEvelynn: i lagged real bad at start ChristmasEvelynn: we lost in champ select when kha said he doesnt care about game because his champ got banned lol ChristmasEvelynn: kha Post-Game ChristmasEvelynn: we were able to ff after he left ChristmasEvelynn: lol ChristmasEvelynn: but ya rep kha toxic we cant even call out trolls that publically announce they are just not going to play a game because the ENEMY team banned his champion??? FFS.
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