We need a good way to report outside of post-game chat.

**WARNING: MAY BE LENGTHY. ** I'm going to start this off with answering some questions that people may ask in the comments. {{item:3070}} _Q: Why would you add someone who is inherently rude?_ A: **Some people could be nice one game, and then rude outside of a game.** It's not a question that pissing someone off accidentally, might make them flame you and say some pretty disgusting things. _Q: Can't you just remove/block them?_ A: Of course! You should always remove or block the player, **but sometimes that isn't enough.** Someone making threats towards you or others, sexually harassing you, or being racist/homophobic/sexist is apparently "not tolerated" in League. Copying private chat logs and being able to report to Riot is important in a situation like this, and I always save chat logs before I remove/block these people. These are situations where more than a report/block, may be needed. _Q: When do YOU think it is a good time to report someone for what is said in PM's?_ A: This is important. League can be a very toxic place, and most of us can handle being told to off ourselves, or being called every name in the book. But most of us don't want to be sexually harassed, told that they're going to "shoot up a school," and so forth. When someone is threatening you or others, or making you extremely uncomfortable, I think you should have the option to report those private messages. ************************************************ Now that those few questions are answered, we should talk more about reporting in general, why this is so important, and how this can be implemented. Lets talk about reporting. We all know what it's like to report someone after post-game, hoping and PRAYING that the toxic person in our game will actually get punished. I personally try not to report people too often. I know people have bad days. I've said some shitty things during games too. But the ability to report is great, and while most of us think it often isn't good enough, I feel better knowing I can do SOMETHING. That's a big reason why reporting outside of the game is one of the things I wish Riot would implement. Sending in a support ticket, in the wrong category, just to get your complaint noticed, kind of sucks. Everyone deserves a chance to get some sort of help. Implementing this should be fairly easy. Make it an option in the chat box, or make it an option from the friend menu. Seperate reports from games and private messages, since private messages may take more time to actually go over.
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