Thoughts/ideas on feeding.

I had an idea that got time traction in another thread, so I figure I would share it in its own thread. We have all played in games where someone is just feeding over and over. It's blowing the game for the rest of the team. We have all probably been that person. But, he ng a feeder isn't really intentional. However, I think most of us agree it's kind of toxic when someone is flirting between intentionally throwing and just not really trying to win. I think if you totally give up on a game and you are intentionally feeding or trolling a ranked game. There should be a report option to report you on it. If you kda and other indicators reach a certain threshold and you get x amount of reports, you get an hour ban from ranked. Now this wouldn't count as toxic behavior on your account. It wouldn't effect other game modes. It would just be a "hey, you aren't ready or in the right mindset for ranked, take a break from it". That way, people can calm and take thier break, but also have a consequence for shitting on other people's games. You could even control it by giving players a limited amount of reports so people don't waste it on people just truly having a bad game. Edit: not proposing a replacement for any current reporting/punishment systems. My premises are that it's hard to tell between actual inting in a lot of cases and that currently it's hard to actually get an inter punished.
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