Really shows how PATHETIC this community has become.....

When for a supposed "TEAM GAME" (or thats what I keep getting told anyways) the only way to play is to mute your allies, mute your enemies, and play like they dont exist. Where all that matters is "i got more kills than you" and "my team is trash" someone doesnt build how you want? Report them for trolling someone doesnt play WHO you want? report them for greifing. Someone tries to make a -polite- suggestion? call them a "stupid fucking noob" then spam ping thier build to shame them. Tell them how trash they are for not having 28 kills like you. Enemy Towers can stand for 30 minutes ignored. But suggesting to attack towers over above killstreak means "u dont know how to play. U need kills to win" player then returns to completely ignoring towers with 28+ kills. Everyone seems to think they are faker 2.0. Players dont want a TEAM, They want thier own personalized cheerleader section to pat thier ass and tell them how "OP" they are. Anyone NOT bending over to kiss thier ass with cherry lipstick is considered "toxic" for not singing thier praises. This community keeps talking about how it is a "team game" When they only way to NOT pull your fucking hair out from the overinflated narcissists, Especially the NA streamer kids, is to completely mute your team and better yet, play like THEY are the enemy. Putting ANY faith in your team will only lead to you bent over with a knife in your back and your team calling for reports on you for "inting" at 0/1. Everything is greifing, inting, trolling, toxic. This community has become a nauseating cesspool of self-rightous narcissism and wanting to brag how "better than u" people are. I keep saying how I have been playing sinse season 3 (multiple accounts) and while the game could be better, this community is so full of themselves they wouldnt know what a TEAM GAME is it came up and clothelined them into the dirt. This game stopped being a team game, and I stopped considering it such, when it became more important to "carry this trash team" for ego and praise rather than take down towers to DESTROY THE ENEMY NEXUS. and People telling me that "wanting to WIN MATCHES....IN NORMS" is considered "tryhard" and thus I should be ashamed of myself. usually this is accompanied by the pathetic excuse of "its just a game/ Its just norms, relax" Yet When I STOP trying to win matches and just enjoy myself while my team loses the match, suddenly I am "trolling" or "greifing" and "Not playing for the team. Dont you know? its a TEAM GAME!" (And they say this while still reminding me what a "stupid noob" i am for suggesting attacking the enemy OUTER towers which are still standing...and may have even got a fresh coat of POLISH! Pay the groundskeeper overtime! they deserve a raise for that polish job) Yeah so stop with this bullshit excuse of calling it a team game. This game is no longer "competitive" as the casuals have taken over and wanting to win in ANY game mode (In normals they use "its just norms", in ranked they use "its just a game") is seen as "Tryharding" and should be shamed untill they stop trying to win. Even had one person tell me "They arent paying me to win" I will play who I want, where I want, regardless of role. And I have NO faith in this narcissist community. I know this will be downvoted to oblivion because people dont like being told they arent perfect special snowflakes and that in Reality: "if you sign onto an OBJECTIVE based game like league, and then ignore the OBJECTIVE. Spoiler alert: YOU LOSE. Towers are objectives, the nexus is an objective, dragons are objectives. They dont give a fuck about and are not reliant on your KILLSTREAKS. So yeah, you want to know why people are quitting the game? Look at how narcissist and full of themselves this community has become. Everyone wanting to label everyone else as "trash", shaming people for daring to want to WIN MATCHES in NORMAL DRAFT rather than just sitting around untill someone gets bored enough to surrender. I will repeat: This community doesnt want teammates in thier matches, They want a personal cheerleader section to give them asspats and congrats. Welp, Back to completely ignoring my teammates while they fight over who has "more kills than u, bruh" then blames the support for not having as many kills as them when they ignore towers and the enemy eventually takes the nexus. God this community really is so pathetic. While did it have to be attached to a decent game. Dragging the game down for the sake of the "faker 2.0" yolo solo kids
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