So I personally haven't played a game of league in roughly 2 weeks. Came back and was perma banned

Hey so I've been out of commission from playing video games for a little while now due to college. A little while ago I tried to log into my account and failed to, just thought input password wrong and just decided to do homework instead cause exams and what not. However this persisted for about a week and a half with no luck until just the other day on march 4th I was finally able to get into my account finally only to find that it had been perma banned! Needless to say I was deeply confused as I had not even been playing for a hot minute. The last game I had actually played on was a bit ago. I had my friend check my account in game just for them to say that someone had been playing on my account. I would never give anyone access to my account since that's just asking for trouble. Someone had broken into my account and apparently had been harassing players in a pretty twisted way from reading the chat logs. I may not be the best person in the world but I know better than to call someone a %%% especially this day and age. I love this game and would hate to see hundreds if not thousands of hours thrown away by some jerk who wanted to ruin someones day. On the day of finding out I got some weird emails that were made from my account of the account information trying to be changed and it sent the change code to my email. I screenshotted the emails and changed my email and password myself to deny whoever was trying to change the info the chance of doing so. I submitted a ticket to riot but they basically said too bad so sad we don't really care. This happen to anyone else?
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