I got banned

I made a joke a the beginning of the game regarding language I said "%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%response to language I didnt understand I was immediately abandoned by my teammates, my jg trolled me, he stood next to me and laughed while I died then said "ty" to the enemy team the enemy team 3 manned top. I made clear it was a joke and I said it repeatedly however my team continued to troll me and I was banned Do you think I deserved to be banned? I don't Edit: So what I said was a zero tolerance word? it was used in a joke manner so I assume it still was a wrongful ban. I've seen and reported a lot of players using words worse than this and they don't get banned, so im assuming the bot only picks up on stuff if multiple players report you Edit:2 Oh I now see that jokes are not allowed in league of legends? Next time I shouldnt do anything of the kind and be an empty husk, No I didnt say the n word or any of the hurtful words
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