Today was a refreshing change of pace

Twice today I had a pleasant moment with the enemy team. The first time was on the heels of a particularly toxic game. I made a comment at the end of it and another in the post game lobby about what a fiesta the game was and how a few of my guys were being toxic. The enemy bot lane and I spent about 5 minutes after talking about toxicity in general, what we thought of Senna. They even said they could tell the difference between the calls I made and the rest! That was just sweet. The second game I was the one doing the smashing, as Zyra w a Senna against a Jinx/Naut lane. We spent about the first 5 minutes practically under their tower, but their Shaco never showed up. In fact Shaco didn't even show up on the scoreboard for about 8 minutes. They got ganked twice, Shaco NEVER came to our lane, nor did their Cass mid, who was struggling. The only one doing well was their *spit* Draven top into our Kayle. He went from 3/0 to 3/6 in about 10 minutes. Complained about how Kayle 'was never alone, pussy' despite being solo'd by her a few minutes prior. Then later Drav/Shaco was harping on about 'report bot' Never mind the AFK Shaco, 0/4/1 Cass who ulted the air, and the Draven who hard inted after lane phase. The post game was spent putting Shaco and Draven to bed based on their performance, I thanked Shaco "We were free bot for the longest time, it truly takes a big man to not cash in on the easy money, good on you :)" The rest was a discussion about how else the game went. Naut thanked me for making the postgame less bitter. A surprisingly pleasant league experience today :)

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