Queue Dodging

There should be some sort of secondary option, like a party vote maybe? That's probably not easy, unless it's implemented with a unanimous vote? I only queue dodge because players refuse to pick lanes or auto lock without calling lanes. Do you know how many bad games I get stuck with because there are two tops, no jungle or multiple adc roles? I know it's probably unavoidable. But I've been playing LoL for years, took a break because the community used to be super toxic. I got back into it this year because of talk of the World games. I still enjoy playing. But getting temporary time bans because other players are making the game unpleasant is counterproductive. I don't know, just a thought. But thank you all for cleaning up the toxic community <3 it used to deter me from playing casually. A little butterfly told me to share in here. Hope there's a lot of unique feedback. Thanks!
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