Why people need to stop being toxic and forcing other's to jungle in low skill normal games

Before I begin, this game happened in a normal draft game. -Random stuff to think about I just played a draft game where I got autofilled jungle. Here's the thing. I never jungle. Why? Cuz i feel like it's such a useless role that is easily a noob trap unless you actually know what you are doing as jungle. Most low elo junglers just waste time farming the entire game and never help. It is definitely not useless if the jungler knows what they are doing, but most lower skilled junglers in normals have no idea what they are doing and that's why generally in normals jungling is useless and a noobtrap role. -Examples They think that them stealing the enemy jungler's raptors has such a huge impact on the game and is gonna make the enemy jungler soooo behind. But in actuality, the enemy jungler just has one less camp to clear and instead spends his time ganking lanes putting pressure by either dealing damage to a random laner or blowing their summoner's if not both. Or better yet, killing the other laner and getting fed. I get it, a jungler who is farming is good yes, but only if they actually know how to react. If the enemy jungler is beating the crap out of a lane, getting kills or blowing summoner's and taking tower or dealing lots of damage to towers and your jungler thinks they are ahead cuz they got like 10 cs ahead of the enemy jungler, they are sadly mistaken. 10 cs is not greater than towers, kills, summoner spells. Maybe if you were like yi or udyr who has a very strong late game then probably, but considering there is more gold from towers and kills than a measily 10 cs, it's not like you are that much more ahead because you are a camp or two ahead of the enemy jungler if all you do with your gold is just continue farming while your team and towers are getting beaten up. No matter how strong a jungler gets, if they stay in the jungle all game, they will never win. -Purpose Now why did i write this post? Because I just played a draft game where i was autofilled jungle. I picked zed, and literally did not farm the jungle at all. All I did was go mid and proc my electrocute on the enemy, run away to top, do the same, run away back to mid, run to bot, i was basically roaming all game. I had mobility boots and just ran around to lanes and proc my electrocute to make the enemy laners have a hard time being forced to back early missing lots of cs, blowing summoner's, blowing ults on me etc. I blew summoner's, dealt a ton of damage, got kills, got towers, and i never was behind the enemy jungler in level despite never farming the jungle because i got so much exp soaking from lanes but it was not a huge detriment to my laners considering i blew the enemies summoner's and they were always behind because they were forced to back so often. We stomped the game so hard and it's exactly the same playstyle I see when I lose because the enemy jungler is actually doing something while my jungler is afk farming. Well this game, it was the same thing. The enemy lee sin was never really seen often, always farming jungle and when he does actually do something, he is dead when he ganks despite having over 50 cs or more ahead of me. I literally only had 20 cs that entire game but we won and i was still doing relatively high damage despite not having farm. I think that jungling should not be forced upon players at least in low skilled games because most people don't know how to jungle so just doing stupid stuff like aggressive ganks is much more effective and easier to execute than jungling where most people are trapped in the farming simulator game. I'm tired of people being forced to jungle when it's not that effective in low skill games because a jungler is only effective if they actually know what they are doing. great jungler > aggressive roamer > lower skill jungler who doesn't know what they are doing but get forced into the role or learning jungling. -Reminder Remember, this is draft normals in a very low skill level with players around unranked-silver. I get that maybe in higher skilled games, it might not be as effective, but in normals, people need to stop being so toxic and blaming all the time or trying to complicate the game thinking that they must jungle and never gank because they are a good player and good players just power farm. Not true at all. Yes, I know it's not the jungler's job to win your lane, but if the enemy jungler is ganking you bot all game and your jungler isn't doing anything about it, then it kinda is their fault considering they could do something about it but choose not to. I literally won because unlike the lee who spent most of his time in the jungle, i was actually pressuring lanes and doing something on the map instead of wasting time farming and never doing anything between farming. -TLDR People need to stop being toxic to those not wanting to jungle and forcing other's to jungle or overcomplicating jungling in lower skilled games because it's a noob trap. I literally won a draft normal game as zed jungle where i never farmed a jungle camp and literally roamed all game doing big damage, blowing summoner's, and taking down towers. In lower skilled games especially normals, most junglers are a liability because they either are learning how to jungle, or don't know what they are doing but just had to pick up the jungle role because community forces it as a necessity. While i think a roamer or extra laner is more effective and easier to play than a jungler who doesn't know what they are doing.
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