14 day ban? Seriously?

So I'm in a low silver Game, I won my lane and it was something like 20-4 at the end of the game (even tho I won lane after 10 mins we just had no chance) I have people cussing at me, calling me names, the entire team is basically typing up a storm, and then suddenly they blame me for us losing the game and I responded basically it's not my fault, but we can't win..... And then I get a 14 day ban? really? My team was sitting in nexus trying to basically Open mid the game at the end, just typing at each other.. Why is it that I get penalized for pointing out that other players don't have any game impact, and that as a WHOLE our team CAN'T win? This is not abusive behavior? I can see my very first comment to Malzahar being toxic bc I firstblooded him 2 games in a row.. The dumber bit, zyra (our supp) spam pinged me to help her, we both died, then the enemies killed themselves running into tower, and she started saying how stupid they are, then she tells me that i was r%%%%%ed.. it's not her fault I chose to come down (when she pinged me to do so..) I used to just play mute all, and even then it was so rare to get an actual penalty.. I've legitimately got penalties for being abusive in games where I didn't speak on my jungler alt.. It just feels like if salty people decide to mass report me I end up with a penalty for disagreeing with them. If someone says X was your fault and I say no, it was your fault, I've received penalties for being "toxic." It just doesn't even make sense to me anymore how this game operates. EDIT: Maybe I'll just go back to always playing mute all bc I've had people in low elo literally cuss me out bc they die to something silly and I type in an lol. So tired of people cussing at me all game then I get penalized when I'm not even at a tenth of their intensity because of these report algorithms.. Game 1 In-Game Gabriyel: not trying to be mean but didnt I do the exact same thing to you last game malz Gabriyel: no R XD Gabriyel: underestimated the minion wave's damage there Gabriyel: ummmmmmmmmmm Gabriyel: ok Gabriyel: gl with your lane then zyra Gabriyel: >~> Gabriyel: you have a lot in common Gabriyel: I didnt think you could make yourself look dumber but I am impressed Gabriyel: muted Gabriyel: double muted Gabriyel: wtf Gabriyel: ok Gabriyel: didnt realize my ignite which reveals you doesnt reveal your clone LOL Gabriyel: you when you clone* Gabriyel: welp Gabriyel: this games over imho Gabriyel: hard int top lane Gabriyel: gg anyway Gabriyel: I'm not mad, we just lost the game lol Gabriyel: botlane has 0 impact Gabriyel: useless af Gabriyel: she sits behind me waiting to ks me *sigh* Gabriyel: (zyra) Gabriyel: hwut Gabriyel: tfw u win lane and every else gets rofl stomped Gabriyel: >.> Gabriyel: LMAO Gabriyel: what Gabriyel: OK Gabriyel: enjoy staying low elo where its never your fault Gabriyel: I spoonfed nasus his ONLY kill Gabriyel: he then went from 1-0 to 1-7 Gabriyel: then I took over his lane and died ONCE Gabriyel: so according to my team I'm the reason wukong won top Gabriyel: love low elo tilt Gabriyel: welp, all I can say is I report toxic people Gabriyel: also, team isnt leaving nexus except to cs so gg Gabriyel: calling me r%%%%%ed is literally bannable so :I Gabriyel: gg :)
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