I have been banned 50+ times, played since s1 and have played in bronze to challenger.

Blitzcrank - Twitch
Smurf unbanned tonight, playing plat games on another alt. Fixing sleep. Discord is back, !discord to join! Feel free to recommend any music
Hey guys, I just wanted to get the opinion of a few players out there before I decided to possibly create a post. I started playing league around season one which I hardly remember anymore. I'm a 24 years old college graduate and have played league for a large part of my life. I am also someone who riot has ruled to be toxic again and again, and I will admit when I was younger, a lot of my bans were warranted. I have said things I should not have said, and I have not been the pinnacle of the league community, ever. However, the last few seasons this one included I have been banned many times. For merely arguing or disagree with a player, name calling, taunting and other things, which in my opinion are trivial. None of these bans have been for racism, sexism, ableism, or suggesting people hurt themselves (I may be missing other isms). The reason I am creating this is because I think riots ban system is incredibly flawed. What I want to know is if you guys want to hear my opinion on the ban system as someone who has been banned from close to the creation of the game? I linked my stream so you guys can see either my gameplay, how I behave in game, things I have said in chat, and of course growth.
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