Remove Penalties for Leaving a Game in Champ Select

Dear riot, It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider removing penalties for leaving a game during champion select. I just left a ranked game while in champion select because someone on my team wanted to play the same champion as me, but I was choosing first. I told them I was going to play that champion, and so they went ahead and banned the champion instead. I avoid playing with toxic people because their toxicity makes me toxic and I don't like getting toxic with people. I wasn't upset that they banned the champ I was gonna play, I got upset that they would be so toxic to be a jerk to their teammate and ban someone they wanted to play just to spite them. So, I didn't select a champion, even though I had a champion i was going to play in case the champ I wanted got banned, which the enemy team banned as well. However, I was in the middle of my ranked promos and because I left that game I lost my promos and now I have to try again. I was penalized by riot games wanting to practicality avoid toxic behavior and not play with someone who was so clearly oozing toxicity because they refused to be civil with their teammates. I honestly don't understand why you have these penalties in place. I would never want to play with someone on my team if they just want to quit because they didn't get the champion they wanted. Having that penalty in place only ensures that we get stuck with more players like that, and that's not fair to the people who genuinely love this game. Please look into fixing these penalties because the good (which i still don't actually see) does not out weigh the bad that gets created from this type of penalty system. I want to avoid toxicity just as much as the next person, so I would rather they leave my game and I wait for another minute, instead of being with their toxic behavior for 20-45 minutes. Sincerely, A very pissed of guy who got punished for avoiding toxicity.
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