10 game chat restriction -- what now?

So, Tl;dr I was taunted in a ranked match and took the bait and had a verbal discourse with an incredibly toxic player and now I'm chat restricted (auto flagged?) over what looks like a single game/single report? Now, I'm not sure if this is the only report I've received, but considering that people just report for you dying I'm not surprised i'm over a threshold if there is any. The question is, I've spent a lot of money on this account, and since i've been flagged for a 10 game chat restriction is it worth playing this account anymore? The company is a bit notorious for closing accounts for what I'd considered a bit of back and forth and now I'm hesitating to continue any further. Looking for some feedback: am i more prone to being punished now in the future? How long would this tentative period be if i'm under extra scrutiny? Is it worth maintaining this account and is there a period to which my account goes back to normal status?
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