Does reporting even work anymore?

Teammate in ARAM complained about having too many melee, assumed we had more than 1 reroll (I had already used mine, got another melee champ) and then proceeded to troll by building Tear on Nocturne, stayed in the back when a TF broke out, only used his R once. "Look at my CS, I'm playing" all the while calling teammates "asshats" and "douchebag". Even later said "I didn't call you a douchebag, I said you were a douchebag". Kept being toxic even in post game screen, bringing up the topic of rerolls again, assuming that any of us had any more rerolls (or wanted to use them). I didn't get any confirmation that my report did anything. And said player was gold last season, diamond this season so also possible they are doing shady things like getting boosted.
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