Chat is important, toxicity can't be fixed by taking it away.

So people keep minimizing the impact toxicity in chat does and putting the responsibility of it elsewhere. making suggestions like just mute them dont ban them etc. but communication is important part of the game. planning, helping each other, etc. playing with muted players? difficult. players losing chat permissions permanently hurt future team mates and match ups. its not viable option as alternative to banning. and suggesting other players to get over it and just mute the offender isn't fair either, it doesnt stop them from doing it in future games to others, nor does it fix whatever damage they already did prior to muting. negative mood can tilt someone's performance, and someone being toxic has that effect. and, again, muting hurts communication and the whole team. its not a viable solution. so should players be banned for being toxic? yes. it is VERY easy to not be toxic. why is this so hard why are so many people complaining about it/arguing it shouldn't be a bannable offense? like if you cant get through games without being toxic maybe you should choose another game to play?
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