Something needs to change

It is so depressing to see how one person can take a winning game and just throw it out the window. I just played a game where I was doing fine top, bot lane was doing good as well and put jg had a nice lead on the enemy jg. Unfortunately our mid laner was losing his lane, no big deal though all he had to do was sit under turret and farm and we would be fine, he then says in chat “I’m so sick of junglers not camping me 24/7 so I’m just gonna run it down because you don’t deserve to win”. He then goes and feeds the mid lane wukong 7 kills and then runs around the jungle stealing camps allowing the wu to snowball and roam for free and there is nothing we can do. We played well and did everything right but one guy decided to ruin the game. Something needs to change because I am so sick of this.
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