You supports deserve some serious cookies man

Lemme share my auto-fill support experience with yall real quick. ADC constantly over extended, and got combo'd by the Ali, id'e shield as much as the damage as i could, or Poly the guy before the combo went off whenever i could. But, With current damage, the Ali would still do about 50% of the ADC's HP and that's without his ignite. Then it'd be even more. Obviously this would be when poly is on CD, so i couldn't prevent the damage all together. ADC would ask me "don't you have a shield?". Id'e respond with "yes, i used it on you, but it's not going to fully stop the amount of damage that stupid champ does". Would get a sarcastic "weeew" or a condescending "alrighty whatever you say". Whenever there was "downtime" in the lane, aka, wave isn't pushed to us yet, and the enemy laners aren't there, id'e go place wards, and clear enemy wards. ADC would say "why aren't you in the lane, and roaming?". Id'e tell him i was placing/clearing wards till a wave got to us since he wasn't in any danger as there wasn't enemy laners there. The response would be "Useless, or ???????", or more condescending comments. I then proceeded to almost do the same amount of damage as him, also got an S-, for shielding, and ulting the non snowflake team mates, and them getting triples and shit. We won, and basically did it without this asshole of an ADC. I get a better grade, more participation etc. So even though i was doing everything i could, and then some, and doing what supports should do, which is place and clear vision when you can when your ADC isn't in any danger, and there is no wave pushed to you yet to get exp, i was still apparently not doing something right in this ADC's mind. Shielding as much dmg as i could from his mistakes, placing wards, and clearing wards so their jungle couldn't gank us a single time, which, they never could because my vision denied them of it every single attempt. Still wasn't good enough for this self righteous self absorbed asshole. Id'e seriously like to tip my hat, and say, thank you, to all you supports out there, who deal with ADC's like this on a regular basis. Mine was just an auto-fill match, and man... Not fun at all. Id'e rather dodge the next time than put up with that shit again. You guys are the real MVP's. Id'e bake you all a cookie if i could. ADC's are asshats...

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