14 days for playing jungle?

> Only Mid Veigar: rip terrorist Zilean dies to FB. nbd > Only Mid Veigar: ty kayle She helps my red > Only Mid Veigar: mumu tp down Ganked top, nearly killed but he got away. > Only Mid Veigar: and they took my blue Map awareness lesson 1: If a jungler calls out that a buff has been taken, pay attention to that side of the map! > Only Mid Veigar: inb4 blamed Malzahar died to Hec gank after I tried rotating up behind Sylas, but couldn't get a good engagement path > Only Mid Veigar: bruh > Only Mid Veigar: you died as i was finishing crab Second mid death, I was nearly at the top lane when Hec jumped him from our bot side jungle. Malz had 0 wards anywhere, and I had mine watching enemy red and drake. > Only Mid Veigar: muted reported for spam and int'ing > Only Mid Veigar: just reoirt Maybe this seems toxic but Malz was spamming pings until the limit, complaining, blaming me for his problems. Zilean also tried telling him stop pinging. > Only Mid Veigar: its hard to set up ganks with low vision and bad positions on lanes Team was complaining about me not helping when they're getting ganked in positions that scream "Please gank me I'm stupid" such as pushing under towers. With no wards. > Only Mid Veigar: you're literally telling me > Only Mid Veigar: 'do not use an empty lane' > Only Mid Veigar: 'while im no where near it' > Only Mid Veigar: 'and you culd get free money and exp' > Only Mid Veigar: please > Only Mid Veigar: if ou were more focused on the game instead of typing about how im trying to keep us in the game > Only Mid Veigar: maybe you'd have got your ult off Kayle went back from her tower. I had just killed Amumu. I was sitting there soaking exp and getting the ABSOLUTE last hit while she was basing. She then complained more, got engaged on, and died to Amumu before i could get there to help. 'Slightly' toxic jab at her but nothing seriously offensive. > Only Mid Veigar: yeah they have vision we dont > Only Mid Veigar: we need pinks I tried to explain that pink wards are how we deny vision but our support was not interested. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: Wow > [All]Only Mid Veigar: My team is literally throwing me under the bus > [All]Only Mid Veigar: Most of the complaints is "stop csing my lane" from mid and top when they're basing > [All]Only Mid Veigar: when im literally just getting the very last hit on a lane minion, not pushing it at all At this point my team is all on board the "F the jungler" bandwagon and decides that I'm the reason we're losing, not the fact that they're making bad decisions and I am scraping by the skin of my teeth with 2/0/3 and matching CS with the 4/x/5 Hecarim. We're around 120cs at this point IIRC. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: that triple int > [All]Only Mid Veigar: we're in agreement that was int'ing right I had warded the upper drake river bush and the corner of the bush to see the path from bot side raptors. They were there as 5 and my team, in order, walked in Malz, Zil, Kayle one by one. > Only Mid Veigar: you went in 1 at a time > Only Mid Veigar: when we had clear vision > Only Mid Veigar: and you listened to maz Repeating the obvious what was going to happen because 0 map awareness. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: "xin did nothing and fucked us over" Kayle complaining that I am the weak link. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: yreah can't do it without the helm > Only Mid Veigar: gg Meant to go in all chat > [All]Only Mid Veigar: helm counters your % damage pretty hard > [All]Only Mid Veigar: i'm just too far behind to 1v1 a mummy with abyssal Just talking with enemy mumu who I tried to manfight up top. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: "xin just chills while we fight" > [All]Only Mid Veigar: lmao > [All]Only Mid Veigar: I literally flash dive ashe > [All]Only Mid Veigar: "xins just chilling" Kayle talking more trash. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: my brain is in agony over this team bm'ing me > [All]Only Mid Veigar: sure is silver in here today > [All]Only Mid Veigar: always bet on instalock lgenedary kayle At this point I guess you COULD say I was slipping into the salt, but if Riot actually gave a fair chat log showing everything said to me, no one would fault me for sprinkling salt. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: i really want to say gg > [All]Only Mid Veigar: but this team being toxic af Truth. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: gg you guys To the enemy team, who was giving me props and having many "bruh" moments because my team was doing stupid crap. > [All]Only Mid Veigar: I will never understand why they moved xin's slow off his charge > [All]Only Mid Veigar: its so dumb Riot balance team making good decisions :^) Unquote: Zilean "Why can't I use R when ashe ult hits me" > Only Mid Veigar: because yuo're stunned? > [All]Only Mid Veigar: zil just asked why when he gets hit by ashe arrow > [All]Only Mid Veigar: he can't ult Insert ashe "bruh" here > [All]Only Mid Veigar: my head hurts Game over Post game: Took forever to load because client is 100% stable good happy fun time quality coded piece of software. I loaded in to see Malz talking trash and saying I was afk for 3 minutes. Which is just a blatant lie. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3051814183/92227?tab=overview About five minutes later I get a 14 day ban. I've not played in a month, and my account was in good standing and doing better after strings of getting chat restricted. Support even commented that I was doing better in a previous ticket I submitted when I was getting harassed out of chat and posted in a PM from someone telling me to off myself.

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