Do I have an addiction problem with this game?

Yesterday was a pretty extrem day. I had a free day, so I spend easily 8 hours playing this game. I played until 3 in the morning. I havent done something like that even when I was a teenager. These ranked matches range from "I hate everyone in this game" to "this is cocaine!". When I will win I seek more highs, when I loose I seek the highs i didnt get. Dealing with this player base is beyond anything I can put into words. I hate, and I mean I utterly hate the people who play this game. From the players abusing broken champions, smurfs shit talking in low-rank games to team mates that wont surrender even if we have an AFK on the team and every is feeding. I never thought of myself as someone who wants to hurt others, but these arrogant pieces of sh*t I meet in my ranked games make me want to go on a killing spree. I dont know why the garbage of society hangs out in this game. The new year is still fresh and I was thinking, maybe now is a good time to remove this game from my life. But why do I keep coming back despite hating it so much?
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