Why is Plat Elo 4 filled with Leavers/Ragequitters & What is being done about these Individuals?

Every 2nd Game you can almost be guaranteed a rage quitter, leaver, feeder, griefer, and/or a troll. Even combine any of those factors or all in fact if you're really lucky. The simple question, what is there being done since I've been getting this for like seemingly like the last couple of months or more. Why hasn't anything concrete for punishments been implemented since Riot Lyte's days. Is there realistically no punishment in place for these individuals who make games impossible to win, by their actions, and then from those actions, then freely quit of all responsibility and A) Let the game lose slowly over time and or B) Just FF and in the end still lose is their goal. As far as I'm aware and since the game has existed. The only punishments that still exist, haven't been seemingly updated or cared for due to either neglect or not caring which is pretty much the same is that it goes like this: 10 Game Chat Restriction -> 25 Game Chat Restriction -> 14 Day Ban -> Permanent Ban The implementation of this system is a failure and it is outdated. There should be a clearly fine line and difference between punishments for certain categories as some are more severe such as the following listed above that effect the game, where-as their are those who just strive and have the sole goal to lose games. For example: Verbal Harassment vs. A Intentionally Feeder Who Quits. I feel the need that for those who can reach platinum elo and do these actions should be punished more severely as they're the ones who not only understand the game, but should VERY well aware and familiar with the games summoner code and rules. I think for those who do the harsher category of offenses such as specifically those who intentionally grief, troll, throw, feed, and ragequit or leave, should have a system of something along the lines of like CS:GO's leaver system setup where they put in place a 24 Hour Ban, to a 7 Day, and can build it on up for repeat offenders. Looking something along the lines of: Give or Take the first punishment be a 1 Day Ban, to 3-4 Days -> 7 Day Ban -> (Third Stage) 14 Day Ban to keep it original, then the final stage -> (4th Stage), Permanent Ban. It isn't entirely concrete, but it's a concept of something that should've been in place a long time ago for these players, as all they get is a light tap on the wrist for the upper above actions listed. The harsher ones I'd have to say or more done often then the rest from my experience in this elo and all the games in it. There are levels and significant differences in verbal harassment & hate speech itself, it varies and then those who intentionally do actions that solely have the one goal in mind to lose the game for the game and rest of the team as these are the worst offenders and more frequent than you think. There are many reasons for people being hardstuck in [x] elo, such as myself in plat but this is one of the biggest/massive factors to overcome because you cannot counter it, you can only dodge so many times. There is little to nothing one can simply do about it, and those who do it, often and more than usually get away with it and the only real thing to work is when people have to manually do reports directly to the "Support - Submit a Ticket" system and page. As I was saying will add onto this, I feel like the current system in place like before, is still outdated since Riot Lyte was last around and still is. Looks like it hasn't even been touched in god knows how many years, it's looking like Twisted Treeline levels of neglect. I feel like this behavior of people has gone on for long enough, gets real old, real fast and getting real tired of it. It's like it's funny for a random 12 year old, but boy, oh boy. It's like a joke that goes stale after being used or repeated one too many times.
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