Chat banned for talking to teammates?

In-Game SOHIGH4: isnt garen ment to be played by new players learning the game vs bots? SOHIGH4: look at bot? plz gank SOHIGH4: they shouldnt be pushed against out turret at 6:00 below half health without being ganked SOHIGH4: both ults down SOHIGH4: half health SOHIGH4: pushed against our turret SOHIGH4: again SOHIGH4: goes in 1v2 and dies SOHIGH4: wtf elo is this SOHIGH4: christ SOHIGH4: if u get auto filled jg just dodge man SOHIGH4: 3 vs 20 LP SOHIGH4: if ur waiting to FF gtfo of ranked SOHIGH4: ur fine dude, wer actually winning cause we outscale and we got first turret SOHIGH4: perfect SOHIGH4: wp wp SOHIGH4: see, wer better SOHIGH4: akali afk farming mid durring a fight again? SOHIGH4: wow dude ur so fking toxic SOHIGH4: im 2/2 support ur 0/3 jungle.... SOHIGH4: MUNDO IS JSUT INTING SOHIGH4: ya 15min ago SOHIGH4: thats a good plan SOHIGH4: ya once they learn they can push turret the entire game... half health... and jg nvere give s fuck... thats gg dude, this aint COD SOHIGH4: like we got pressured hard... she died alot... but jg just igorned the lane... wer 40% of the entire game includes the damage c SOHIGH4: carry SOHIGH4: close game... SOHIGH4: have u played jungle before? SOHIGH4: mundo SOHIGH4: ? SOHIGH4: u triggered? SOHIGH4: i am 5/2 SOHIGH4: jg is iron fucking 20 wtf is he doing in this game... no one cares? SOHIGH4: 1/9 no drags clueless... lvl 13 Post-Game SOHIGH4: how is thast even close to fair matchmaking SOHIGH4: like divisions apart SOHIGH4: ur a joke SOHIGH4: report mundo toxic af SOHIGH4: no one is debating anything SOHIGH4: u were told what to do Not sure what happened here that justifies a 25-game chat ban.
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