Reform me

I had a Cassiopeia lose on purpose and claim that she wasn't trolling. Our Zed repeatedly insulted me and my Mundo kept pretending to help and then not doing so. The enemy Maokai was all over me the whole game. Maybe I shouldn't have tried so hard to win and get my allies to cooperate. But I did. But was I really toxic? Explain to me how I was if so. By the way, Our Tryndamere had no teleport and played like a bot. Game 1 In-Game SanKakU: stop afk SanKakU: you're not doing ANYTHING SanKakU: you should hit the one i'm trying to kill SanKakU: i can kite whoever necessary SanKakU: my q can amplify your damage SanKakU: i'm so irritated SanKakU: just ff15 stop tallk strategy this cass making this game impossible SanKakU: mundo wtf SanKakU: you didn't even touch thresh?? SanKakU: and you let ccaitlyn get away you had FULL HP SanKakU: and you didn't tower dive her SanKakU: even thought she was hugging it trying to kill me 2v1 SanKakU: zed would do more than you with ONE HAND SanKakU: i know i'm not faker you are SanKakU: don't go in when we have no minions in position man SanKakU: she has more than double minions as me if you want to win should push some towers probably and end it early SanKakU: why are we trying to contest that anyway SanKakU: you don't think pushing works? SanKakU: i can't get my BF sword if they are constantly trying to kill me SanKakU: do you realize i've been ganked by maokai a dozen times SanKakU: cass you do nothing you don't get to type SanKakU: muted SanKakU: i've played cass as support SanKakU: i know what your champ does SanKakU: and you fail to try SanKakU: stop being on the other side of the map from me SanKakU: start being a teammate SanKakU: she can't jump if you just use your purple slime SanKakU: must be nice to be on a functional team SanKakU: why are you calling me a dog your friend has been losing the lane foro me all game SanKakU: the only decent ally on my team has been using insults on me SanKakU: please end ASAP SanKakU: zed why don't you learn to go next when your friends troll you SanKakU: whatever since you're not going to be nice i'll mute you too Post-Game SanKakU: cass SanKakU: you're ridiculous SanKakU: you don't even try SanKakU: you stand between me and our tower the entire game SanKakU: halfway SanKakU: while i'm 1v3 the enemy SanKakU: you just try to k ill minions SanKakU: and you're the support SanKakU: and mundo don't pick a tank and buy tank items if you're never going to body block or absorb damage for allies SanKakU: if you want to lose find a group of 5 maybe don't drag random player into your mess and then insult them
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