Resistance is, in fact, futile

I'm at a loss. I've played this game off and on for years. I have a lot of fun with the mechanics and the skill. However, I continue to be surprised by how acidic this gaming community is. When I try to communicate with my team, if they even respond at all, all they do is tell me to shut up. And then if I get stuck in a bad matchup, the flaming is instant and relentless. Almost every day that I play I consider uninstalling because the other players suck all of the fun out of this game. I know there are exceptions to this, and some rare games are what I think the ideal is supposed to be, where players can have fun even if they are losing. To those players, I say thank you, and I know that you experience this too. But mostly, it's just frustrating silence, or incessant harrassment. It gets worse the higher level you achieve. I won't even consider playing ranked games, because ranked players tend to be the worst of the worst. Mostly I blame whoever the hell is following up on reported violations (which I actually doubt happens at all, or at least never crosses in front of a real person.) Riot, you encourage the worst in players by not responding to the actual violations that take away from an otherwise great game. By the same token, you discourage people from trying to improve because any time you make a mistake you get shit on. I know, too, that this will largely be viewed as a snowflake whining about stuff that everyone has heard before. The ones criticizing are the assholes ruining the game. People have been complaining about the attitude of this gaming community since I began playing over 5 years ago, and nothing changes. I have no confidence that this will affect any change whatsoever.
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