Learn to mute, it saves you a lot of problems.

After playing League for a while, I’ve experienced my fair share of toxicity. I used to let this get under my skin. I have a clean account, and never used to retaliate. But, it still bothered me, tilted me and caused me to play worse than I could have. However, after learning to mute people at the first sign of anything toxic, I find myself more focused, less tilted and able to play better. I see a lot of chat logs on this forum of players trying to justify their own toxic behaviour by saying “but he started it”. Be the bigger person, mute them and report post-game. It might even save your account. It’s just a game, treat it as such. If you come across players not playing correctly, try to guide them and give them tips. We were all new once. When the fun stops, stop playing for a while.
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