why not have a player driven manual review system ?

I mean , i know you said that your bots were more effective than humans, but i'm not talking about the flaming..... you know what ? I start from the beggining: ------------------------------------------- #Few years ago Riot games introduced a new system known as the tribunal , it would allow players to manually reviews cases, Usually this involved that players with a lot of report would end up in a tribunal and can get sentenced. the fact that if you voted properly made you earn exp created a huge bias and some people ended up being banned then manually unbanned they then introduced the automated system (certainly based on neural network) to ban players. ----------------------------------------------------- #Now we are facing a bigger problem : players now feel that their opinion and standard doesn't matter as much, and feel like riot way of doing thing is wrong , because they have no responsibility in it aside from a little text box that almost never shows up. Somes systems still need manual reviews however, especially the griefing/trolling ones, here come a new idea i have: Why not copying the CS:GO overwatch system ? the system would give trusted players (probably like 5 players across all elos) a context (pre game chat, last 50 games, Post game chat, score) then let them review the game with all the name changed, also see the in game chat. The system then , based on these judgment would give players a little exp and honor boost and give a judgement. this could help the system for the grey areas, or the cases where there are a tons of report but nothing stands out in particular because he is tricking the system. ----------------------------------------- ##My question is then what do you think of such system ? feel free to let a comment and answer the poll --------------------------------------- #edit : Many of you don't seem to know how a neural network works. https://imgur.com/tam9k2s So to be precise we don't need to judge EVERY case this way only the most precise ones
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