This need to be said.

So , im sure some ppl also have similar thoughts as me but some things need to be said about riot. I love this game and i have been playin it since 2011. Nowdays it seems like riot realy dont give a single shit about bad players hitting the ranked ladder , instead they give away bans around to ppl who are just getting mad at some misserable kids who on play ranked and finish with a score like 0/10 and im not talking about an unlucky game ,im talking about their entire history having negative scores. I have gotten 4 accounts perma banned with the highest of it being diamond 3 , because i was ''abusive'' and ''ofensive'' to kids feeding im my games. But guess what , riot doesnt care if one is completly and uterly garbage in the game , they care to keep the community ''clean'' from ''abusive'' chat , like we are all fucking 5 years old and have never heard a bad word or a curse . Let me know what you think. {{champion:17}}

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