Blaming the jungler.

I just came out of a game with a TF midlaner that got ganked twice, then proceeded to lose lane against Malphite extremely hard. (I'd also liek to mention that he build AD despite the fact that we had no other ap champions.) And who was to blame? Me, of course, who was playing Kayn. I responded by counterjungling and taking all of the enemy jungle camps but that didn't satisfy my midlaner. He demanded I countergank even though with the enemy mid and jungle so fed it would result in a double kill, and proceeded to blame me in chat the whole game. I muted after about 5 minutes of listening to his bs. It is no fun at all to play jungle, and have to listen to whiny laners blame you for every littel thing that goes wrong. The morale of the story? You won't improve if you blame every single mistake you make on your jungler, or anyone else, even something like lag or bad luck. There is a difference between dying to a gank and thinking "damn, I should've warded," and thinking "my jungler really sucks". Especially if you speak out on it. There is nothing more demoralizing and downright annoying to a jungler than a laner flaming and blaming you for their slip ups. If you look back on your own mistakes, then you can learn from them and get better at the game. If you're stuck forever blaming somebody else for your mistakes, then you'll be stuck in the same rabbit hole of blaming, flaming, and never getting better.
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