im quitting this game forever

I love this game but after 10 years of I've had at least 10 accounts banned and over 50k hours of my life wasted. I'm not a toxic person or at least I try not to be but when you get toxic players in every game flamming and cussing you out and you say one thing to them and get banned. riot doesn't care about NA at all I promise you. Korean servers rarely ban their players. I'm not trying to justify my potty mouth. but 9 times out of ten I'm defending myself or a teammate. is that justified probably not? I just wish riot didn't ban accounts for typing after all my years and loyalty to the game it means nothing to them. been a dedicated fan since I had a laptop and a touchpad playing poppy before the rework. point is I love this game and i will always but the punishments are too harsh for using your freedom of speech if it's such a problem then take their chat away then if they troll still and then perma ban. out of all the games, I've played this game is by far the best and worst. best idea worst community around it. worst staff worst policies from the NA perspective. how can Koreans legit do the same things and not get as harsh punishments. I love this game ill say it once again but at a point enough is enough im done being taken for granted as a customer it seems all they want is my money. I refuse to play a game that is so biased. either take chat out of the game or stop banning people for them expressing themselves its a GAME at the end of the day and we are PEOPLE . not robots, not apes PEOPLE or did you forget riot. that's all this was just me venting enjoy your life's league fans I love you all I hope your league experience goes better than mine has ..
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