PSA: Riot Support has a category for behavior tickets, but now discards them

I recently dealt with a player who flipped their lid and inted (0/26 in 18:01) while screaming in caps about teaching us all a lesson and spamming homophobic hate speech. I reported them after the match, but no two-week gap appeared in their match history. So I figured I'd submit a support ticket, as I've occasionally done. Well, as it turns out, Riot's system has changed with the new look: they say they accept any report about a player from your last 20 matches (not sure what that restriction is for), but submitting the ticket results in a message that you've already reported that player in post-game so everything is fine and dandy. No ticket number, no confirmation, no email. Nothing. It simply does not accept reports anymore. There is no longer any way to request manual review when the IFS clearly fails to catch behavior it is fully intended to deal with. Unfortunately, image of Blitzcrank Bot, these streets are not clean, because you produce false negatives even in the most obvious possible cases, and there is no longer any human backup system to handle them. I think this is a bad move, as it makes Riot seem distant and unreachable, removing even the hope that something will eventually be done about the most egregious examples of poor behavior that fall through the cracks. The only benefit I can possibly see to this change is to increase confidence in the scarcity of false positives - "you got a punishment? Well, those are almost unheard of, so you must've earned it." I'm not sure how beneficial that is, though. The automated system should try to be correct rather than erring on any particular side, minimizing the support tickets necessary to handle false positives or false negatives.

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