This is unfair

So I keep on getting banned for toxicity, I understand that I could easily just keep quiet, mute all and play, but then that's not playing a multiplayer game in my opinion. With all the people that I play with, there is always people that play good or bad. But if someone is obviously trolling, or you have players that are attacking you first with complaints, but when you give feedback, YOU get banned. Its the stupidest thing and sucks that you can't say anything anymore on chat cause you can instantly get banned. This game has gone downhill, and now with the fact that you can't trash talk anymore to your team mates if they're doing bad or obviously trolling, this game has become dead. I know i sound toxic by saying things like that, but since the COD days where you would get into a lobby and trash talk team mates, that's where most of the fun was, but now its a snowflake community and it's sad. I really want to know if the people that trash talk me first or the people that go afk after 4 minutes and ruin the experience of the game get banned. Cause if not, then it really shows how this game went downhill by focusing on the people that talk trash but play than the people that just go afk or int after being told by the whole team that they should stop playing the way they are. If you don't type then your safe is the point i'm trying to make, even if you do all the other MORE toxic things (int, afk, etc.) to make the gaming experience worse.
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