It's simple, An I got the change for you Riot! "Let's us express the rules."

**I got this idea from, riot them self and their servery... simple right? I will go in to the details of a new report system and punishments for our toxic players, for our griefing players, for our players.** I'll keep it short and simple, read well, and let me know, is this the right path 'Riot' should take? Starting with the toxic players. When you get the report and the chart restriction normal as always. (I will make it clear, this system is to reduce the ban rate and the aggravation by 99% of the players and any further faults. So their will be no bans to the accounts, no honour drops to level 0 or 1). We will keep the 3 roll chat restriction. 5 messages max, and they will earn extra as the game goes on. This feature works well for low level offenders, but not high or passive. The new add on feature will be 'perma' chat bans, if the player(s) have violated any rules after the 3 rolls of chat restrictions, starting from 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. In this period they will not be able to say a single word, but they will only be able to use system commands and friend chats. This will not drop their honour from the 3 rolls or after this feature or the next. Now, even after this, they manage to violate any further rules, they will be banned permanently in the chat, there will be no way to unlock it back or plead for unlock for the rest of their account, but as again they will only be able to use system commands and friend chats. Additionally they will still be able to play normal's and ranked games, but unable to chat with other players. Moving on to pings, the griefing intent. When's 'Riot' AI be able to identify excess pings, with no reason or targeted pings, consistently in multiple games. When the report arrives, specifically for pinging, their will be 3 roll restrictions at the start. There will be a limit put of 5 pings per 1 minute, to reduce spam pings and unintended fouls pings. As if the player chooses to consists of spam pinging or targeted toxic pings, there will be a permanent limit to 2 ping per 1 minute, as a final punishment for the rest of their account use. Although this will not get them banned or reduce their honour level to 0 or 1, but they will be able to play normal's and ranked games, but with less pings. Finally, feeders and our great griefing friends, and those who leave the games. I thought about this carefully, so it would be fair and well diverse. When ever the player feeds, ints, gives up intentionally or leaves the game or other realising's to this topic. The player will get a PVP restriction for 5 days, for each game they acted as a griefer and everything related to it. This means the player will not be able to play PVP modes/games, normal's or ranked, but they will be able to play against bots, and other 4 players as to level up. Additionally this does not mean they will be 'Banned' or their honour level dropping to 0 or 1, they will be able to manoeuvre around the client as normal, with no penalty's, other than PVP restriction. This will repeat forever, when ever a player chooses to misuse the rules, but reinforcing the positive behaviour, with many options to participate with others as usual, equal ground, equal life. **This is it, i really wanna know what you think! This is to give the chance to play, no matter if you can't chat, or ping, is to be able to show your skill, somehow... no matter what. ** **I do think this will reduce the negative behaviour in a very fast manner, and it will reduce the out burst when ever they may be faced with a PVP restriction.** **"Time does not show you, it shows what we past, without another look..."** {{summoner:13}} {{item:2003}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:10}} {{sticker:galio-happy}}

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