Offensive Lucian Skin

Hi all, I played a game, and was extremely offended as both an African, and as a person by the Heartseeker Lucian skin someone played with. Their name was like "xxXTROLLxXx" literally, it had the word Troll in it. I reported them for Hate Speech type of thing, as it was extremely hateful to both me and my people. No one in Africa thousands of years ago used to flaunt suits like these idiots do, and they actually contributed to the economy. Why are you insulting my grandfather's generation with this golden earring hood skin for him? Real Africans believed in monogomy, in humility, animals, the sciences, and fought to the death for their families. So why is this skin allowed? And some person with the name "LordSwagg13" something is using that name and corrupting young girls play this. [Yes, we know the game says you have to be like 14 or whatever to play, but we ALL know 7 year olds are let on the computer ALL THE TIME, 24 hours a day.]
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