TROLL PLAYERS. Should a team, with a unanimous vote, prevent a teammate of winning League Points?

How many times did we play a game with a troll among our teammates? That guy, that is grieving, flaming, intentional feeding? And despite that, the other 4 players manage to carry the game! In the end, all 5 players, including the troll, get the League Points. I really don't think that is fair! Do you? RIOT. What about discouraging that behaviour? What about including another option in the "Honour Page"? You could include a "Prevent this player from earning League Points" option. If all teammates vote for that, the troll player would end with ZERO League Points for that win and a notification. If it was a promo match for the troll player, it should count as a defeat. Of course, blocking the troll League Points should be done before honouring another teammate and should not prevent honour someone. How many times we see things like this one: "if you don't give me the red/blue buff I will troll/AFK/feed" or "if you don't do this/that I will troll/AFK/feed" And the player really does that!! Even if the teammates politely ask to not to do that? Just for disagreeing on others' strategy, and it does not matter if we are winning, his/her "will/call was not fulfilled/followed" so we "you deserve to lose". If you report this player, I might and hope I am wrong, but my feeling is that NOTHING happens. No, I don't think one should get a few days ban for ONE offence like that. I think it would be **MORE REASONABLE AND EDUCATIVE** to lose that match League Points or, if the team loses, perhaps they should lose 2x the value they would normally lose. (Remember that 4 players lost around 20 League Points for that behaviour) NOTE: ONLY RANKED GAMES HAVE LEAGUE POINTS.
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