So toxic

Just played a game where I encountered the most trash talking squad I've ever seen in this game. It started with "is this a bot game" after the score reached 1 to 8. Then it just escalated to "Trash Trash Trash" Yadada yadada. I'm not hurt by it but come on. I get that a little trash talking is fun but when all five of the enemy players are talking S*** like they get paid for every insult they drop that's when it gets annoying. Gave em all a report but I HIGHLY DOUBT anything comes of it. But last year I got Chat restricted for saying "ok" and dropping a "shut the hell up"(I read the transcript that came with chat restriction) because 4 toxic party members were mad I lost lane and all reported me. Thanks, Riot. You guys are doing a great job at keeping this community a breeding ground for toxicity {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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