autofill needs to die. too many trolls(Poll inside)

autofill CAUSES TROLLS. I've lost track of the number of times someone on my team gets autofilled support, and then decides to troll with aurelion sol support. the autofill mechanism is causing toxicity. Both in the people that get autofilled, and also their teammates who have to deal with completely incompetent people on their team due to them being out of role. "but it would cause longer queue times..." you think people would rather get into games faster, and then lose? REALLY? If you ACTUALLY THINK a large number of people favor this, I give you this challenge, riot: GIve people a checkbox option, person by person. Check "i want faster queue times (requires autofill) vs "I dont want any autofill on my team (may require up to 3 times longer to find a team)" I for one dont care if I have to wait FIFTEEN MINUTES for a match, so long as I dont have autofills in it. Heck, autofills have been a cause for me to have longer than a 30min wait for a game anyway, since sometimes, people get autofilled and dodge! Cmon riot. Do the experiment. Then do the math. Measure the popularity of each option, and measure the effect on queue times.
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