do you like to give up early? MUST WATCH THIS! (its just 4min long)

found this video randomly. it has 400k views which is a good number but it should have way more. this is a video literally made for all the ppl who like to say "ff15" after the enemys got first blood. this game took place in diamond 1 - master area. this is the area where ppl tend to know what they are doing and falling behind usually means game over. its not like bronze silver gold (and often enough plat) where ppl are 20/0 and have no idea how to win the game, get cocky go solo and start to die and die and die and die some more. dont give up so easily. just my personal opinion: i try to be realistic. when the enemys have 2 of our inhibs down, 30 kills lead, all drakes and its just 18min into the game AND we got an afk... yeah i'd surrender. i think giving up every game and "never surrender" are both wrong. make it a decent mix. BUT KEEP PLAYING!
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